Sous Vide is a french name which means “Under Vacuum”

If you need to cook the food in selled vessels at low temperature, then you can use this Sous Vide for it. This is one of the professional cooking method which contains a pressurized plastic bag which diminishes the contact with aerobic bacteria. This method was first introduced in 1700 and then it was re introduced by American and french Chefs in 1960. If you need to prepare for some huge amount of people then you can use the sous vide techniques.


This food has to be cooked at the same room temperature and has to be done safely. Proper care should be taken while cooking. But Lipavi has a perfect solution for this. They have designed a Sous Vide Rack to cook easier.

Features of Lipavi Sous Vide rack

What is the most important factor while cooking your food?

Yeah its safety. Through this rack you can maintain a distance between your food while it cooks in your sous vide cooker.

How does this rack work out?

While cooking packaged ingredients are placed ideally in your sous vide cooker. As the cooking is done evenly you will get the perfect result each time you use your sous vide cooker . The rack passes the water to the meat equally even though there is a lot of distance between the ingredients. You get amazing results only due to the spacing of ingredients and the right passage of the water to all the meat.

What if you have different size of food that differ in shape and size?

You have to cook it separately right. So sorting out this difficulty this Lipavi Sous Vide rack has made it in a adjusting way. So you can keep different types of food to cook in different racks and enjoy the taste of the food.

Now let’s see some of the different types of Lipavi Sous Vide racks with their key features, pros, cons and specialities of each ones.

LIPAVI Model L10 Sous Vide Rack

This type of rack is made up of  stainless steel and its of 7.8 X 6.4 inch in size. This rack can be adjustable so that you could keep different types of food for cooking. This rack help to maintain the space between the ingredients in the pouch till the end of cooking.It can be adjustable depending upon the thickness of the pouches and the capacity of the rack.This type of racks are easy and safe to handle.This type of model fits into any water tank and are collapsible when the rack is not in use.

Our #1 Pick:LIPAVI Model L10 Sous Vide Rack

Special Feature:

Love to eat meat which is cooked perfectly? This model rack would be the right choice.

Key features:

+ High Quality Stainless Steel,

+ Many dividers depending on the size.


+ Versatile and well constructed

+ Compact.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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LIPAVI Model L15 Sous Vide Rack

This type of model rack is made from stainless steel which is square in shape and 10.8 X 8 Inch in size and of 6.6 inch height. This is mostly recommended with the combination of CAMBRO 4,75 Gallon, Anova, Nomiku, Polyscience Chef and Sansaire. The capacity is little bit higher in this LIPAVI Model L15 Sous Vide Rack. Based on the capacity the puch distance also will be maintained.

You can use this sous vide rack if you need to cook your meat rapidly. Its also easy to cook in this type model rack. Your meat will be cooked evenly in this type. You don’t want to spend more time in handling , its very simple for you to use and also maintaining and handling is also simple. There are many slots that can adjusted in order to keep more number of items in the cooker. Freezing, cooling and smoking is very efficient and perfect. You can find many capacity requirements found for this LIPAVI rack and container.

Our #2 Pick:LIPAVI Model L15 Sous Vide Rack

Special Feature:

Even and Quicker warming. Has more attachments for easy cooking

Key features:

+ 10.2 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches,

+ Adjustable Slots.


+ Durable,

+ Easy to clean and maintain.


+ Expensive.

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

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LIPAVI Model L5 Sous Vide Rack

A cool and efficient model of Lipavi Sous vide Rack which is made from stainless steel with 4LX6.4WX6.6H which fits easily into a small household container which can be used for daily small households and this can be used in small kettles. You will be able to make up with your meat very fastly, evenly and helps you to freeze and cool it. Based on the capacity thickness the pouches can be adjustable. When the rack is not in use its collapsible.

This is very small so it can fit into small pots and in C5 water bath which can be combined with Anova, Nomiku, Polyscience creative and sansaire.

Our #3 Pick:LIPAVI Model L5 Sous Vide Rack

Special Feature:

Perfect for small household. Fits perfectly into 12 quart or 10 inch pot.

Key features:

+ Tailored Lids,

+ 4Lx6.4Wx6.6H inch.


+ Flexible to pouch thickness,

+ Rapid Cooking.


+ Very Small.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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The above three products of LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack Review are analyzed from different reviews from trusted customers. If you have any queries regarding these products or if you have any other ideas about the product, please do share it in the comment section below.