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About Sous Vide

In general, sous vide denote the method of cooking the food at a partial temperature and you can also prevent the food by means of vacuum seal or chilling in a freezers.

Sous vide is also referred as the gourmet culinary method which means under vacuum processing that cook the sous vide packed foods in water placed in the slow cooker.

Sous vide make use of the precise temperature controlling measure to attain the perfect texture of the food stuffs with no change in its original color. Sous vide foods are usually cooked at even temperature to get the right consistency you need.

Types of Sous Vide

Cooking in a sous vide method let you a simple way to put all the ingredients in a sous vide cooker and then set the constant temperature for getting the accurate food texture.

There are two major types of sous vide machines such as Immersion Circulators and water ovens. Both immersion circulator and water oven sous vide machine produce the same output and it performs in a same way with some slight differentiations.

The only different between immersion circulator sous vide machine and water oven sous vide machine is the size of the unit. Immersion circulator comes out with cylindrical stick like design whereas water oven is related to the slow cooker unit.

Water oven sous vide machine is a standalone machine that is used to cook the sous vide stuffed foods in a small size container. Its cooking style resembles the size of the small cooker.

Immersion circulator sous vide machine are usually long and stick like cylindrical device that is usually attached with the side of the container which is filled with water based on the amount of food stuffed inside it.

What are the equipments used for sous vide cooking?

For sous vide cooking, you need some of the important equipment to implement your cooking tasks.

Immersion circulators – This sous vide equipment is the simple best way for sous vide cooking in your own home kitchen. It is generally stick like unit that does not require much space to occupy in your kitchen. Due to the easy usage and compact sizing, it is highly affordable one.

Combi ovens – You can combine both convection and steam cooking within this combi oven unit for cooking the sous vide food items. This combi oven maintains the precise temperature while cooking the food without any plastic bags.

Slow cooker hacks or rice cooker – if you want to practice the sous vide cooking at first, then make use of the rice cooker or slow cooker hacks that is the best and easy way to cook the sous vide foods at your own home.

PID controlled water baths – PID controlled water baths consists of heating element and vessel which is similar to the size of the small oven device. This PID control water bath is operated with the thermal convection and you don’t need to circulate the water used for maintaining the constant temperature.

Advantages of sous vide cooking

Sous vide constitute the ability to create the perfect consistency with original texture. With the sous vide cooking; you don’t want to control the temperature for overheating and over cooking problems.

It helps to reduce your time wasted in cooking the food for about several hours. Sous vide cooking provide the perfect taste and consistency that tends to ensure you about the moist and juicy content in the food.

This traditional sous vide cooking consists of high flexibility at exact temperature not to worry about the overcooking. You can also prepare food without wasting any of your remaining food.