Love to taste the restaurant style food in your home?

If so, get sous vide machine now to enjoy the yummy and tasty restaurant style food in your home itself.


Most of them are fond of only the sous vide chicken and fish recipes as most of the net sites list just show them, but the fact is that there are many types of food you can prepare using the sous vide machine.

Six foods you are not aware of cooking with Sous Vide

Eager to know the type of food that you are not aware of cooking in sous vide? Then proceed below to find them.


One of the healthy item you need to intake every day with your rice or separately. You can make sure of some granola or berries along with the yogurt and enjoy your breakfast. You can also mix it with the mango puree, and this will give you a refreshing feel on a sunny afternoon during the summer. You can also pour the yogurt over the chicken dish or popular lamb for the yummy taste.

Cooking the yogurt with sous vide is not much more comfortable, but you can make use of it. Have a try and follow it if you love the stuff with the yogurt.  

Making of the dish is easy, preheat your joule to 43-degree celsius, heat the milk, cool it down and then add the gurt. Now transfer to the vessel or jar, incubate and chill. Now serve it!


Considered to be the dense food which is enriched with nutrients is much healthy for children and all humans. You can make use of it in the sous vide by trying them with your favorite soups, pasta, rice dishes, etc.

Heat the water bath to 90-degree celsius, remove the unwanted parts from the kale, toss it with the olive oil, pack and cook for 5 to 10 minutes, season and slice it for serving.


Cooking barbecue sous vide is an amazing thing, you can make it indoor itself with simple brines.

Make the brine, trim the brisket, brine it, you can also add Prague powder if needed, make the glaze, make sure you heat the joule to 155-degree Fahrenheit, glaze the brisket and cook. Make brisket rub, glaze it again, you need to preheat over to 125-degree celsius and then rub brisket, roast and serve.


It’s easy to cook roulades with sous vide and here is the procedure.

Take the fish; you can use tweezers to remove the pin bones and other parts, brine it, make it wrinkle free and smooth by spreading a plastic wrap, stick the fish pieces together with the help of the activa, now mold into the shape of a cylinder and then cook. Slice and serve it.

Deli Meats

You can make use of the Deli meats to your kitchen recipe in the name of pastrami and corned beef; the preparation is more simple to perform. Follow the below steps to make the dish quickly.

Trim basket, prepare the brine using the regular method, brine the brisket, prepare the beef rub and then rub it on, cook. Now you can serve the delicious food along with your family.


No one might have heard of a dessert prepared using sous vide, yeah you can make custardy pudding and creme brulee in sous vide.

Preheat the joule to 90-degree Celsius, peel, quarter and core carrots. Now pressure the roasts, blend and sieve carrot mixture, reduce rum. Combine the milk with puree and rum so that you can incorporate dry ingredients.

Divide and seal the base of the carrot, now mix the cream cheese dry ingredients, blend the cream cheese and milk and incorporate with dry ingredients.

Divide and seal the cream cheese base; now you need to bring the ring mold, cook the first carrot pouch and pour the first layer of the carrot in the mold and cook. Similarly do it for the second layer too. Set up the cake stand and then transfer it to the glaze and chill it. Garnish and serve with friends and family members.

Bottom Line

Try all the above sous vide recipes at your home and share us your experience with us through the comment section below.

Any ideas, queries, and thoughts on the topic are welcome.