Let’s upgrade your kitchen style to a new level of cooking with the Anova Culinary Wi-Fi Bluetooth Precision cooker. You will surely love it for cooking different sous vide food items in your own kitchen space.


About Anova

Anova started to manufacture precision cooker to add extra benefits to your cooking method. Anova stands unique from others with its advance improvement in the design feature and quality. They equip convenient usage to control the sous vide appliance through the Wi-Fi connectivity. Not only they implement the Wi-Fi facility but also they feature with Bluetooth connection through smart phones and so many.

Benefits of using Anova Culinary Wi-Fi Bluetooth Precision Cooker

You can able to recreate you food items similar to that of the restaurant style in your own home kitchen within a fraction of minutes. You can able to prepare and cook sous vide foods not to waste your money and time for extreme duration.

Instead of cooking in a hot stove under extreme high temperature, you can go with the sous vide cooking option in which you will cook the stuffed foods in a water filled in a pot or container under precise temperature.

It is similar to that of the slow cooker design in which it need only low temperature and cooking time to prepare your favorable sous vide food with perfect texture, consistency and also it retains with its original color.

What are the features that involved in Anova Culinary Wi-Fi Bluetooth Precision Cooker?

Anova culinary precision cooker comes with the inclusion of new innovation named Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. I know you will surely amaze with this new advancement added with this Anova culinary precision cooker.

Construction Overview – Its interior and exterior construction is usually sturdy in nature which is coated with the nice matte of soft touch material for user convenience. This soft touch construction let you to hold and touch the sous vide machine with complete comfort.

Design Implementation – This Bluetooth model looks similar to the large cylindrical shape which is specially made through the high quality plastic material and stainless steel.

Easy Washable – Its stainless steel skirt implemented at the bottom surface of the sous vide machine let you to remove the slot for easy washable. The sturdy cylindrical mounting bracket allows this Anova device to clip on to any type of vessels, pots or containers.

On-device Controlling – This sous vide on-device controlling helps you to operate the sous vide food through the Wi-Fi such that it adds high flexible to start over your cooking process through remote option.

Bluetooth Connectivity – With this connectivity, you can able to get alerts on your smart phone or others about the current status and the finishing time of the sous vide cooking.

Auto Cooking Trigger – This facility will automatically trigger your sous vide cooking to remain in a safe condition not to raise the temperature of the water to the extreme state.

Wi-Fi Connectivity – Anova culinary precision cooker consists of Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can able to make some adjustment with the Wi-Fi setting for controlling the temperature.

Anova Culinary Wi-Fi Bluetooth Precision Cooker

Special Feature:

You can make use of this Wi-Fi Bluetooth connectivity with the auto cooking trigger that will automatically trigger your sous vide cooking to remain in a safe condition not to raise the temperature of the water to the extreme state.

Key features:

+ Wi-Fi Connectivity,

+ Bluetooth option.


+ Sturdy construction,

+ On-device controlling.


+ Bit Pricey.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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