Upgrade your kitchen space with sous vide cooker to prepare the restaurant style foods even in your own kitchen space. Overheating and over cooking happenings are not much possible with this cooking method.


For someone who wants to know about the difference between the Anova precision cooker and Joule, I have searched through so many sites and pen down some of the most common differences ranges between these two.

Sous Vide Cooking is considered with the slow cooker unit such that you can easily cook like sous professionals. You can improve your cooking with minimal skills to attain the delicious sous vide food items.

About Joule sous vide unit

ChefSteps Joule sous vide machine is the best essential kitchen tool to cook everything within a fraction of minutes. You don’t need to worry about the tough, overheating and over cooking problems. Joule is easy to handle and use for cooking at extreme power.

About Anova Precision Cooker

Anova precision cooker is a best immersion cooker that works great in cooking lot of sous vide packed items. It remains best among all other sous vide machines that is also very high in affording range.

Difference between Anova precision cooker and the Joule

Length Sizing – The major difference between the Anova precision cooker and Joule is that the length of the Joule is smaller when compared to that of the Anova precision cooker but you can place this Joule sous vide machine in the larger container or pots.

Power Unit – Anova is less powered by 800 Watts power which is very much longer in preheating time whereas Joule is powered up with 1100 watts of heating power that is extremely very much powerful to control the even temperature distribution.

Temperature Precision – The temperature precision of the Anova precision cooker is +/- 0.01 F whereas the temperature precision of the Joule is +/-0.02 F.

Maximum Water Temperature Range – Joule constitute the ability to heat the water twice as fast than that of the Anova. Joule ranges with the maximum water temperature up to 208 F whereas Anova precision cooker ranges with the maximum water temperature up to 210 F.

Capacity – The absolute capacity of the joule is greater when compared to the Anova sous vide machine. The maximum capacity of the Joule ranges up to 40 liters of water whereas Anova ranges only up to 5 pounds.

Display unit Feature – Highly digitized display unit is implemented in the Joule circulator which flashes out the yellow light to alert and notify you about the water heating range and the green light notify the water reaching the perfect temperature ranging.

Here in Anova also the digital display unit is implemented into the circulator for notifying you about the cooking time, target temperature range, current cooking temperature and the overheating range.

Immersion Depth – Although Joule sous vide cooker is smaller in size, it works more powerful and have the ability to immerse up to 8 inches deep within the unit. The immersion depth of the Anova precision cooker ranges up to 7 inches deep into the unit which is slightly less than the Joule.

The major downfall of the Anova is the working power of the motor set into the unit. Other than that, Anova remains best in its temperature controlling and adjusting the temperature settings option included with the unit.