Vacuum sealing the food in a plastic bag and cooking he bag in a controlled environment with the help of the Immersion Circulator device has become as a best method to cook. The Anova has spent the past several yeatrs creating sous vide tools that fit in drawers. They want to use Wi-Fi to make its sous vide appliance an active part in your home.


The Anova sous vide machine is the best device all around the sous vide machine available in the market. It looks great and performs well with perfect prize. It has added a little technology settings with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and an app that makes your work easy.

Features of Anova sous vide

The Anova sous vide is made of built in extraordinary features and they are described in detail bellow.

Getting started

The device can be used in the even surface and it is not recommended for marble or other heat sensitive material. You can use a trivet for protection. This device works after plugging it in the power board. There is no need of any extra installation needed to activate the machine to work.


This device is really nice with perfect easy setup. As this device is not adjustable you cannot use it in any container. This device is suitable only for the stock pot or Dutch oven type container. It can also be used with the help of cooler or other kind of container. Once if you have tightened the clamp onto your pot with the bottom knob you can slip the circulator into the clamp ring and turn the top knob tightly to lock it in. The clamp is made of plastic so you are not asked to over tight because it may leads to have cracks in the clamp.


This device is made of all touch control on the face of the display. There is a scroll wheel below the display it is used to select the time or temperature of your choice. You have to press and hold for some seconds to set the timing. The display in the device is clear and easy to read. You can also have a choice to choose the temperature in C° or F° by holding the start button for 3 seconds. It will remain once it is started and you can change it while you are switching it ON for next time.

Temperature Control

The device is made of very precise temperature control. The circulators are calibrated as a scientific platinum primary standard. That basically means they are more accurate than other typical thermometer. As far as you use you can have the choice of setting it up or down in increments of 5°.


The Anova sous vide has a cool feature on its bottom of the immersion end. This cap is made of plastic and they are used to point out the direction by rotating it. You can turn it to the side if you have crowded pot. By this way you can prevent your plastic bag from getting sucked in and avoid blocking intake. You can send the water flow directly against the side of the pot so it does not spoil the food.

Clean Up

It is supposed to go into water at first and never in contact with the food. When the device wants to be cleaned then you can remove the stainless steel skirt which is easily removable. You can just twists off it. You can throw it and the plastic pump cap right into the dishwasher. If the circulator needs cleaning just apply a little dish soap with a soft tooth brush and some TLC and then rinse it well. Make sure that the device is cold before you touch it. Do not allow the top part of the circulator to get wet. As it is made of stuff electrical stuff inside it can get damaged if you make it wet.

The App

The Anova has introduced an App for making the device more relevant. This helps you to activate the device with the help of your smart phone and you are able to access it even if you are near the device when it in the process. You are able to get nofications regarding the alerts from the device. This is useful to remind you if you forget about the stage of cooking.

Remote use – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

This device has an extra advantage that it has the feature of remote use with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options. Bluetooth can work 33 ft away from the source. It also the Wi-Fi option it works better but you have to spend money for it to get accessed because this option is optional so it can be purchased only if you have any need because of it.

Anova Sous Vide

Special Feature:

Sous vide supreme water oven helps to sous vide the food material in a prolonged controlling of the temperature to prevent the overheating and over cooking ability.

Key features:

+ Stainless Steel Skirt,

+ Remote Control.


+ High quality,

+ Durable.


+ Not good for long haul.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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The Anova sous vide is one of the best products available in the market. It is special edition of Anova. This device is made of extra features that works efficiently and they results better when compared to the other product with same features. This article helps you with all the information that you need about the Anova sous vide.