Do you want to do gourmet-style cooking? Making perfect dishes to impress your family usually takes years of practice. The sous vide machine makes this more comfortable. Sous vide is the latest trend in the food industry.

Sous vide machine is an efficient cooking machine that can be used in kitchens and other places. The cuisine with a sous vide machine will offer healthy food with increased nutrition supply. This method is used for cooking various things, such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, etc.

The sous vide machines are designed with various innovative features so that they can cook effectively. This cooking device has created a breakthrough in multiple places because it melts the food without water, fat, and oil.

As these products are essential, many brands have come forward with their models of sous vide machine. All these models are innovative, and they offer various attractive features to the users.

As per the customer review, price, features, we’ve made this list. After 48 hours of research, we’ve chosen the Breville as the best overall.

Let’s take a look at the best sous vide machine in 2020 available on the market.

Best Sous Vide Machine 2020

PictureName Key FeatureOur Rating
ChefSteps CS10001 Joule Sous VideEast to use 5 Stars (5 / 5)
anova-precision-cooker-wifi-2nd-gen-900-watts-cookerAnova Precision Cooker, WIFI 2nd Gen, 900 WattsGood quality 4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Sansaire Sous-Vide Immersion CirculatorCorrosion resistant 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion CirculatorDurable 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Sous Vide Supreme Water OvenSimple to access 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
polyscience-chef-series-commercial-circulatorsPolyScience CHEF SeriesQuick heating 4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
Tribest Sousvant SV-101 Complete Sous Vide CirculatorHigh capacity 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
gourmia-gsv130-1200-watts-cookersGourmia GSV130 CookerEasy clip on 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

VonShef Premium 8l Sous Vide/Water OvenAuto -restart 4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)
NutriChef Sous Vide Precision CookerSimple design 4 Stars (4 / 5)

10 Best Sous Vide Machines- Reviewed 

1.ChefSteps CS10001 Joule Sous Vide

The ChefSteps CS10001 Joule Sous Vide is a simple, sleek product that measures only 11-inches tall and 1.3 pounds in weight. The weight of this product is very less, and so it can be ported easily to various places. Further, this product can be used in all types and varieties of pots as per the need of the user.

It is the fastest water heating kit that is corded. This device also has a mobile app interface unit with it. With the help of this app, the device can be operated automatically based on the need of the user. Further, it relieves the stress of the user and allows them to work on various other accessories effectively.

Highlights of The ChefSteps 

1100 watts of power

Precise heating technology

Wifi and Bluetooth compatible

Small and sleekest steel model

The capacity of this product is high, and it offers instant heating. It boils the water immediately, and so the food placed within the water can be cooked within a snap. All the parts of this device are designed with stainless steel material, which is corrosion-resistant and temperature resistant. This feature keeps the product durable for a long time.

It is one of the smallest and sleekest models which is available on the market. You can comfortably store it in your countertops or cupboards. Moreover, you can easily move it from one place to another place. 

2.Anova Precision Cooker, WIFI 2nd Gen, 900 Watts

Anova Precision Cooker is the top-rated sous vide machine that can be used in various places. This product has a high capacity in it, and so it can be used as both commercial and homemade appliances. Further, this machine has a sleek design with various innovative features in it.

This product is equipped with various technologies. These technologies have multiple uses, such as Bluetooth connectivity and easy ON/OFF, etc. This product also has a scheduled cooking feature. With this, the operation of the sous vide machine gets regulated. Further, it also allows you to continue other work without any stress.

Highlights of The Anova

Restaurant quality food

Smartest device controls

Consistent control and precision

An ideal choice for veggies, meat, etc.

This product also comes with an advanced mobile app setting. With this setting, the operation of the sous machine has been regulated. This machine is attractive, and it can be used in both sealed water cooking and pressure cooking methods. This product comes with a durable display unit. This display is useful, and it can view all the essential functions and operations effectively.

This product is made up of high-quality materials that can withstand various types of temperatures and climatic conditions. It is a high capacity unit, and the foods and other dishes can be cooked quickly with high effectiveness and performance.

It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand high temperature and pressure conditions. It ensures the durability of the machine and lasts for a long time.

3.Sansaire Sous-Vide Immersion Circulator

The Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is a sleek and attractive sous vide machine that can come with interactive features and functions. The unique feature of this product is its design. The elegant and beautiful black design offers improved comfort and durability of the product.

Its sleek design ensures the product to be placed safely within less storage area; it needs the region similar to a pot or a bottle for storage. This machine can also be used in an upright position. The capacity of this source vide machine is high, and so it is used in various restaurants, for making their food tasty and healthy.

Highlights of The Sansaire

Intuitive control dial

Heavy-duty zipper bags

Easy to read LED display

Preferred by the professional chefs

It can heat water instantly, so the meats and fresh food within the vacuum bags can be cooked quickly. The heat is produced quickly, which means you can cook a meal within less time.

This device also has a durable display unit with it. This display unit is attractive, and it views the temperature range in which the device is operations. Various LED lights are used within this product. These LED lights are also durable, and they add performance and features to the product.

This is an attractive product that is designed with black color. Further, it also has temperature control and timer control with it. These features offer the stress-free operation to the users.

4.Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is a simple sous vide device that has various unique and advanced features with it. Its unique and sleek design creates additional decor to your counterparts. 

It has an innovative clip fitting, which is very useful to store and placed in various types of pots and cookers. The clips used within the product are durable, and it fits perfectly in its place. Further, the product offers low-temperature source sous vide cooking to the users.

Highlights of The Nomiku

US ETL certified

Adjustable temperature knob

Equipped with a state-of-the-art heater

Versatile clips snugly attached with a pot

The temperature setting feature within this product is easy, and it can be done just by turning the knob to various sides. The knob is designed in vibrant green color so that it can be accessed effectively.

It is a sturdy product that offers instant heating to the bath placed below. This feature makes the food cook faster and easier. This product is designed with an attractive display unit that is located at the top of the device. So that you can view it easily in various circumstances and situations.

It is an electrically powered device that can be used safely without any additional safety measures. The temperature settings can be done effectively with the help of the knob.

5.Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven

The Sous Vide Supreme Water Oven is the ease of use sous vide machine that offers pressurized heating to the users. It is a compact device and offers silent operation with simple functions. It is a sealed device, and the cooking methods are used by these products is high and efficient.

This oven is designed with various control options. These options guide the user while cooking. Further, the oven allows the user to cook quickly. Multiple options within the product are temperature control, ON/OFF control, timer control, etc.

Highlights of The Supreme

Convenient push buttons

Universal food pouch rack

Precise temperature control

Detachable power cords

The temperature control within the product is given an adjustable thermostat. With this thermostat, you can use this product in various temperatures effectively. The timer control option is also programmable that allows you to heat multiple types of meat instantly.

In addition to this, the oven is an energy-efficient device that can be consumed less power. This product reduces the energy bill of the user to a great extent. Further, the product is user-friendly, and it offers a silent operation to the users.

The operation of this product is silent, and so it does not interrupt various other functions of the user. It also has a timer setting and this setting automates the process.

6.PolyScience CHEF Series

The next relevant product in the list is the PolyScience CHEF Series Sous Vide device. This product has a simple and attractive black design with an elegant look. It is a leading sous vide cooking device that offers higher efficiency and performance to the users.

This product is designed to compact, and so it can be stored easily within less surface area. This product has a secure clip-on system with it. This clip-on method is can be used easily in various types of pots and cookers.

Highlights of The PolyScience

Large backlit LCD display

Ensure trouble-free performance

Works well at the toughest condition

 Made of superior quality stainless steel

Further, this product also has various controls and display unit with it. The controls are used for multiple operations such as temperature adjustability, timer setup, and ON/OFF operation. The display used within this unit views all the essential functions performed by this product. The display unit is made up of high-quality LEDs.

This unit also has a dual marking system with it. This marking system is effective, and the user can view it. This device is effective, and it can cook a large volume of food instantly. It can be used both in homemade and commercial ways.

It is equipped with a durable LED display unit. It shows all the functions and operations performed by the device. It assures the stress free operation to you. 

7.Tribest Sousvant SV-101 Complete Sous Vide Circulator

The Tribest Sousvant sous vide circulator is a beautiful device that has various innovative features and advantages with it. This device is equipped with different attractive functions. This product has its container with it, and so there is no need for external circulators and devices. It is a simple, easy to use circulator that can be used even by a kid.

Its container is made up of high-quality material that can withstand various durable conditions and situations. These containers have temperature resistant design, and so they can withstand water of various temperatures. Further, the containers are small, and this makes the design simple and compact.

Highlights of The Tribest

User-friendly controls

Hold up to 3-gallon capacity

Transparent and removable container

Designed with a 1000w circulation system

As the containers are small, they can withstand only one large vacuum-sealed bag at a time. The food particles within the vacuum-sealed bag are safe without any loss in its nutrition value. The container also uses a high-quality transparent handle with it. This handle is used for replacing the container to various places as per your needs.

Its LED display shows all the operations performed by the machine. It considers the temperature and timer set by the user. Further, this unit also has various controls with it. You can set the temperature and timer by using these controls. 

It is designed with a durable and attractive canister at the top so that cooking can be done effectively. The installation process is so simple and you can cook instantly. 

8.Gourmia GSV130 Cooker

The Gourmia Immersion Circulator Precision Cooker is an innovative product that has an attractive design in it. This product is also equipped with a durable display unit. This display unit is efficient, and it shows all the functions performed by the device.

The cost of this product is very less when compared to all the other external means. It can perfectly fit in the 3.5-gallon pot. It is the best suitable kitchen product that can be used both in the kitchen as per the need of the user.

Highlights of The Gourmia

Hyper accurate LCD control panel

Constant 360-degree water circulation

Designed with 1200W strongest motor

ETL certified safe sous vide machine

The capacity of this machine is less when compared to other models so that it consumed less power. In addition to this, the durability and efficiency offered by the product are too high. With this feature, it can effectively withstand various climatic situations and environmental conditions. There are different types of controls also used in this product.

One among them is the temperature control that uses a variable thermostat with it. The thermostat has an effective design, and it can handle various temperatures as per the need of the user.

It is a corded product and designed with durable and useful cords. The cables can withstand various loads of power. Further, the design of the product is attractive, and it can be used in multiple places with high performance.

This is an affordable sous vide machine that is designed and described at a low cost. Though the cost is less, the performance of the product is maintained high for a long time.

9.VonShef Premium 8 Liter Sous Vide/Water Oven

The VonShef sous vide a simple food heating device that heats the food with the help of steam and hot air. This product is user-friendly because it locks all the essential nutrients within the oven.

The capacity of this oven is high so that the various types of food can be cooked instantly. Further, it can brew a large amount of food, that’s why they are widely used in restaurants, hotels, and for preparing many people at a time. This cooker has a unique design, and it can be used for holding six vacuum-sealed foods at a time.

Highlights of The VonShef

Ensure the even cooking

Quality stainless steel rack

Locked moisture, nutrition, and flavor

Programmable time range starts from 0 to 24 hours

This oven is equipped with a programmable timer unit, which is effective and helps to increases the efficiency of cooking. You can do safe and stress-free cooking with this device. The heat within the product remains constant so that the food can consistently be maintained for a long time.

The operation of this product is also simple when compared to other devices. It has various controls switches that are used for setting the temperature, timer, and for ON/OFF operation. The entire process of this product is simple, and it can be used in various environmental situations and conditions.

This product is designed with 8-liters capacity so that it can hold 6-large vacuum-sealed bags at a time. Moreover, it can lock the moisture, nutrition, and flavor of the food. So you don’t have to worry about the nutrition loss.

10.NutriChef Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The NutriChef Sous Vide device is a stainless steel immersion circulator that has various features with it. The stainless steel is durable, and it is made up of temperature resistant and water-resistant feature. This product can be used durable in various types and varieties of pots.

The design of this product is attractive, and it has a durable display unit with it. This display unit shows all the functions performed by the device at a time. It views the temperature, timer of the product. It also has two control options. One is used as an ON/Off control option, and the other is used for setting the timer effectively.

Highlights of The Nutrichef

Adjustable timer setting

Clear digital LCD screen display

Compatible with all pots, containers

Designed with simple button controls 

The display is made up of LED lights that can be operated effectively. Further, the product also has an easy clip on the phenomenon with it. This clip offers perfect and comfortable fitting in various types of pots. The food cooked with this product always remains in its nutritional value.

This product also offers instant heating features to the users. With this, the food can be heated in less time, and the taste of the food remains high. The high power heating element offers this instant heating.

This product is equipped with a powerful heating filament that offers instant heating to the users. It has an adjustable timer so that you can set the time as per your cooking preference.

How to Choose The Best Sous Vide Machine?

The best sous vide machine is specially designed to make a master chef. 

When searching for the best sous vide machine, you have to consider some points. There are a variety of sizes and models available in the market. Each one is unique in that way.

Here’s are the essential consideration.

Water Capacity

The first thing to consider is the water capacity of the machine. If you are decided to buy a sous vide machine, you have to check how much water the device can hold. It will make a big difference in the quantity of the food that you can cook in sous vide. If you want to cook a small meal, then the capacity is doesn’t matter. But if you are planning to do the cooking for a large number of friends, then you need a massive water capacity machine.

Heater and Circulator

It is essential, and you must understand the difference between the immersion circulator and sous vide ovens. If you are using an immersion circulator, your food capacity depends upon the container size. Moreover, there are limitless sizes available in the immersion circulator. Generally, the water path is too large, which is ideally suits for any amount of cooking. The immersion circulator couldn’t heat it thoroughly.


When we talk about the sous vide machine, security is an essential factor to concern. Check whether the machine had an auto shut function or not. It automatically shut off the device when the water level is low and helps to prevent it from burning. Another notable feature is the power outage warning. When the power goes out to spoil food, it will give alert to you.


Some of the advanced models having smartphone connectivity. By using the mobile phone, you can control or monitor the cooking process when you are in another room of your house.


The best sous vide machine should be compatible with all types of containers that help to make the sous vide machine versatile.

We hope that your buying decision is may easier after reading this buying guide.

Importance of source vide machine

Before you going to buying the sous vide machine, it is essential to know the need and importance of sous vide machine. This machine cooks the food within the vacuum sealing bag, and so the nutrition content within the food remains unchanged.

Further, the food can be cooked without oxygen, potassium, and other components that may cause harm to the body. The food cooked by this method remains tasty compared to different types of cooking methods. So that with sous vide machine food can be prepared with nutrition value and performance. 

Final Words

Sous vide cooking is easy and efficient cooking found widely in various places. So try to afford the best sous vide equipment in your house and maintain the health of the family. Read on our other reviews to find the best sous vide cooking machine for home and commercial use.

If you have any queries with this article, comment it in the box given below.

Happy cooking!!!