Are you getting bore with normal cooking? Change your way of cooking with latest trend by using this Codlo Sous Vide Controller. By using it you can cook like five star hotel chef at your home. It provides the advanced cooking style and will make you to do more creative cooking.


Are you not satisfied with circulators? If yes, then you can try this Codlo Sous Vide Controller, for safe cooking experience. Once you use this controller you can sit back on your seat relax.

Features of Codlo Sous Vide Controller (US Plug 120V, Graphite)

Here you can find the feature of this Pan that may helps you to find the quality of this product. Codlo is a powerful controller that lets you try sous-vide cooking at home, just with the help of the cooker. It designed with quality precision and capabilities that helps you to make healthy foods at home without more effort. By Connecting with a well-insulated cooker it reduces heat loss and water evaporation to maximize power efficiency.

Do you know about sous-vide?

The success factor for a great cooking is controlling the temperature. Because more level temperature will spoil your food, and less level temperature will make your cooking time more. Sous vide is a latest easy cooking method that let you to create amazing dishes at home and  this technique is used by top chefs around the world!

How the Sous vide cooking is become so easy?

It is easy because all you need is you have to pack the food inside the zip lock or resealed bags and place it into cooker. You can fix the cooking time and take relax, the rest of the work will be done by Codlo sous-vide.

Powerful & versatile

Codlo connects with many compatible cookers up to 1kW, such as analog rice cookers, slow cookers, table top roasters etc. You can check the cooker compatibility by using your cooker manuals.


It is designed with 2.4″ tri-color wide-angled LCD display that allows you to set the temperature and cooking time.


The temperature can be set by manually with the help of input controls. The temperature can be set from the range 200C – 900C or 680F – 1940F. Once the temperature is settled the stability will be ±0.20C / ±0.40F. The setting time range will be 1 min – 99 hours.


It has the temperature sensor that let you know once the cooking has completed. You will be notified by the beep sound when the cooking time is reached.


The design of the device is unique and modern compared to all other products. The Various color available and it is very attractive. It reduces the space in your cooking table. It is designed with the advanced hardware materials that works based upon the power fluctuations. The quality of the device is high and so the performance offered by the device is also high.

How does the codlo works?

When you connect this Codlo in the plug board it instantly transforms your existing analog rice or slow cooker into a sous vide machine.

You just connect your cooker to Codlo, and activate Codlo’s temperature sensor and you’re ready to cook sous-vide. Use the sealer bags and put the sealed food bags inside the cooker and set the temperature and time.


These products have various types and varieties of pros equipped with the device. These pros are listed below.

This product is very compact so requires no space at all. It can be plugged directly into your kitchen’s wall socket and stays there. No kitchen counter space needed.

It is portable so that you can use it at anywhere. These powerful electronics materials provide the safe and secure cooking since it works based upon the power fluctuation.

The cost of this product is cheap and affordable.

Codlo Sous Vide Controller (US Plug 120V, Graphite)

Special Feature:

Traffic light progress bar indicator made easy to check away from kitchen.

Key features:

+ Intuitive control panel,

+ &degC and &degF compatible.


+ Compact,

+ Powerful electronics.


+ Not suitable for all cooking pots.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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As this product has various pros, few cons are also associated with the product. The cons are purely based on the customer reviews and they are listed below.

You have to own the cooker to use this controller. It supports only few cookers so you have to check the cooker compatibility.