We all love to have food that is perfectly cooked right?

Sous Vide are bringing up many new and unique products that will help their customers to make use of it, such one is the Figerm Sous Vide Cooker. This new arrival has many craze in the sous vide cooker market.


Figerm Sous Vide Cooker

What does Figerm Sous Vide Cooker does?

It is a reliable immersion circulator which will help you to cook your food perfectly due to the high power output in the cooker. It looks stylish and suits for any type of kitchen. This versatile cooker has number of features adopted to it.

Figerm Sous Vide Cooker Features

Go through the excellent features of Figerm Sous Vide Cooker below

Output: Figerm Sous Vide Cooker has about 120V of electrical outlet and are able to generate 1100 watts of power. This power cord can be removed if you find hard to store it in your kitchen. THough it has too much of power , the cooker do not make any noise in the process. Similarly the water bath get heated rapidly for the even cooking.

Safety: Keeping the safety in mind, they have designed the Figerm Sous Vide Cooker. There is a overheating protector and dry heating protector for the safety of the cooker. There are water level marks with minimum and maximum so that if the water level lowers the power will shut down automatically which is one of the important safety measure in any cooker because when water level is being too low will cause any accident.

Design: Very stylish to look with the filled white colour makes a added advantage. This is of 15.6X7.X5.5 inch dimension which easily fit anywhere in your kitchen. Easily portable as it weighs 5 pounds. Heavy duty materials are used to design this Figerm Sous Vide Cooker and also they have made more durable. At the back of the unit you can find the strong clamp which is used to fit a cooking pot of any size there., so it fits any type of pot.

Capacity: Figerm Sous Vide Cooker is capable of filling it up with 22 liters of water in the water bath which is more enough for cooking in home. There is a water container that can be suitable for any type to withstand the heat. Very easy to use, strong and secure connection with the water container is formed.

Cooking Range of Temperature: For a perfect food , it’s essential to cook in the even temperature. This Figerm Sous Vide Cooker has more control and stability over the temperature in the cooker and this is considered to be the success of this cooker. There are options to set the temperature based on the food. Based on the temperature set the unit will provide water for the heating evenly thus the perfectly cooked food.

Apart from this features Figerm Sous Vide Cooker has a LCD display, touch button in order for the food to be cooked perfectly and you can have the control over the cooker. You can find the temperature and time displayed top of the cooker in both fahrenheit and celsius option. This also have a timer to set and this process is very simple to operate.

Figerm Sous Vide Cooker

Special Feature:

Powerful heating element that makes your food evenly and perfectly cooked.

Key features:

+ 1100 watts of power

+ Detachable Power Cord.


+ Adaptive safety measures,

+ Good looking style.


+ Fire hazard.

Our Rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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Final Verdict

Figerm Sous Vide Cooker would be one of the efficient, affordable, safe and reliable cooker to have in your kitchen, if you have any doubts or questions regarding this products, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.