Are you looking for an automated cooker to Cook faster? No need to worry about that. Here the Gourmia introduces the Immersion Circulator Precision cooker to make your cooking easier. You may get bored on spending too much time in kitchen for cooking.


With the help of this Gourmia GSV140 Immersion Circulation Precision Cooker You can reduce your cooking time and your can spend your valuable time with other things. Here I have described about this special cooker specifications, features and functionalities that you help you to use the product in better way.


It is very simple and handy. It’s designed with the Immersion Circulator which is circulating the water to maintain the water temperature stable in all area of the vessel. You are able to cook meat, vegetables and seafood. The food can be finely cooked by this cooker. It is easily portable to anywhere. Its extraordinary finishing of handlebar will give the comfortable experience on cooking.

Immersion Sous Vide Pod

This is placed on the top of the cooker which contains touch screen control panel that allows the user to choose the input options.

Sous Vide Heating Element

This Placed internally into the Pod, the Heating Element is designed to reach temperatures up to 203°F.

Water Circulator

The water Circulator moves the water around the filled the food inside the water container to maintain the heat level same.

Variable Time & Temp Wheel

The wheel adjusts both the time and temperature in increments on the Control Panel

Control Panel

It designed with the 3G input systems with provides the better user experience. It has Power ON/OFF button to start or stop the cooker. There is on SET button, which is allows the user to perform dual operations. Do single click to set the cooking time. Do double click to set the temperature.


The best part of this feature is it has an alarm which will make the beep for every 3 seconds after the cooker reaches the cooking time you set. You can remove the food and press the SET button to stop this sound.


It has powerful 1200 watts to ensure your set up and recovery time will be fast and simple, the GSV140 motor is the most powerful Sous Vide Pod on the market. GSV 140 motor is the latest motor in the market designed with more secure and safe.

How does it work?

Place this Gourmia – GSV140- Immersion Circulator Precision Cooker on the edge of water proof container with the help of handle clip. Fill the water based upon the water limit. Dip the sealed food bag inside the water. When you press power on button it will display the average default temperature. You need to set the time and temperature by using SET Button. The water Circulator circulates the water around the food bag so the food can be cooked. This advanced alarm system makes beep sound when the cooking was done.


You can find lot of advantages over other automated cooker. The GSV140 Pod pumps up to 2.1 GPM heats the water to exact temperature accurately and produce the good results.

This small is enough to fit into the drawer. Different colors are available with this product. No need for purchasing other accessories.

The 3G manual control panel is very effective used for obtaining the maximum performance from the device. It is very easy to setup and operate and no need to clean for minutes like other cooker.

Gourmia – GSV140- Immersion Circulator Precision Cooker

Special Feature:

Digital screen used in this product views all the functions and process within the device effectively.

Key features:

+ Powerful GSV140 motor,

+ 3G control Panel.


+ Easy to setup,

+ Less time for cleaning.


+ Very sensitive.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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From some customer experience this Immersion Sous Vide Pod control panel touch is very sensitive. There is chance of wrong input if the person is in emergency.

It does not have automatic heat sensing which means we have to set the cooking time manually. If the food does not cooked in the fixed time means we have to set the time again.