Are you spending too much on cooking? No need to worry about that. Use Perfect-Soucvide 6PL1R Clear 6.5 Gal. Polycarbonate Pan to make your cooking easier. You may get bored on spending too much time in kitchen for cooking. With the help of this Perfect-Sousvide 6PL1R Clear 6.5 Gal.


Polycarbonate Pan you can cook safely and you can spend your valuable time with other things. Here I have described about this special pan specifications, features and functionalities that you help you to use the product in better way.

Features of Perfect-Sousvide 6PL1R Clear 6.5 Gal. Polycarbonate Pan

Here you can find the feature of this Pan that may helps you to find the quality of this product.¬† This Perfect SousVide’s clear polycarbonate pans and racks are the perfect combination for circulator Sous Vide. The cover is customized to fit most popular brands of circulators, and the unique all stainless steel rack with removable pins expands to fit the width of your food pouches.


6.5 Gal capacity, 20.5″ x 10.5″ x 7.5″ deep, NSF and FDA certified resin, withstands boiling water and is dishwasher safe.


It contains stainless steel with plastic handles and soft rubber feet. 5″ wide with 4″ high removable 3/8″ diameter pins. Length is adjustable 6″ to 14″.

The Pan Rack is made up of stainless steel with soft rubber feet. This handles made up of “stay cool” plastic and polycarbonate pouch hold down strip. It contains expandable design and removable separator pins let you adjust space according to the pouch thickness.


Full-size (6.5 Gal. 21″ x 12″ x 8″ deep) crystal-clear Cambro polycarbonate pan let’s you see and position pouches; Withstands boiling-water temperature, is NSF and dishwasher safe

Clear polycarbonate lid cut-out is designed to fit the following circulators: Anova Precision Cooker, Anova One, SansAire, Nokimu Classic.

The Lid notch is centered on end and allows removal without moving circulator; and it helps to the water to be vaporized.


Here I have listed some advantages over this product based upon only customer experience. This product Rectangular size model has the higher holding capacity; the 20″ length can include the rack of ribs. It is Large enough to store all you’re boiling equipment such as circulator, water heater and so on.

The rack is a nice extra with pins that lets you boil maximum food at a time. You can place the food in every rib of rack. This handles designed with grip property that let you lift the rack and pouches together. You can add addition rack if you want.

The pan and notched cover fits the circulator perfectly and has small cutouts on the lid that allows you to lift the pan easily.

The Size of this product is about as large as you want to go with the various circulators. It can be heated up to 140F in 30 minutes. This Plastic material insulates better than metal pan and helps hold heat for log time.

They are providing some zip lock bag to cook the food that can less air when compared with other vacuum bags.

Perfect-Sousvide 6PL1R Clear 6.5 Gal. Polycarbonate Pan

Special Feature:

Compatible with more circulator, Allows large cooking.

Key features:

+ Large size Pan,

+ Multiple racks.


+ Multiple cooking racks,

+ Large cooking.


+ High cost.

Our Rating: 4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

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It has fewer drawbacks in cost factor. Some customer declared that this product is more cost than the product worth.

You have to purchase the circulator separately since they are not providing the circulator along with the product. It will be complicated to choose the specified circulator to be fixed in the pan perfectly.