Are you looking for all-time best Sous vide pork chops? Here is the recipe for that directs you to know how to prepare sous vide pork chops with in hour. If you are a pork dish lover you can prepare this pork chops by home itself.


You no need to go to restaurant to eat pork. This recipe will temp you to eat again and again. Here you can find what are all the things need to prepare this recipe and how to prepare it.

What are all the ingredients needed to prepare sous vide pork chops?

To prepare this pork chops you need 1” inch thick pork meat. It should be cleaned properly with warm water. You need small piece of Ginger and about 3 garlic cloves since these both helps the digestion process. And you need pinch of salt ,lemon and freshly grounded pepper that adds spicy to your food. Some chilly powder and coriander powder that gives the extraordinary flavor and small pinch of turmeric powder which since it is a best anti-biotic. Small number of onion leaves, one tomato to be sliced, two teaspoon butter.

How to use the Sous vide to cook pork chops?

Sous vide is the latest cooking method where you can cook the meat and vegetable all over the world. This type of cooking is practiced by the professional chefs worldwide. This cooking method used to avoid the loss of protein and preservatives on the water. You choose any sous vide that best in the market. There is lot of automated cookers and immersion circulators are available in the market. Among all you can choose any one of that.

How to prepare Sous vide pork chops recipe?

This direction method is easy since it takes fewer minutes than expected. Firstly you take 1” thick pork meat and clean it by warm water and place the meat on a plate. Take the 3 garlic cloves, Chilly power, coriander powder and turmeric and ginger piece and finely grind it to make a Spicy paste. Apply this paste over the pork piece.

Add pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper to gives the delicious flavor. Make sure that you applied this paste thoroughly on every side of the pork piece. Then only you will get same taste in all side of your shops. Leave it for a couple of minute on plate for the paste to be spread over the pork.

Take the sous vide cooker or circulator and fill it with water. Turn on the circulator set the temperature and time accordingly. Take one vacuum or Ziploc bag and put the pork meat inside of the bag. Dip the sealed bag inside the water and make it boil. After the sous vide reaches the temperature you take out the meat and unseal the Ziploc bag. Now the pork is boiled and you have to grill it by using oven or grilling stove. Make sure that you grilled the pork evenly.

Now, this the time to serve your sous vide pork chops. Place the pork chops on the place. Cut the lemon into two pieces and squeeze the half of lemon over the pork chops and do some decorations with tomato and fresh onion leaves. You can serve it with butter, ketchup or some readymade mayonnaise that available in the market.

What are all the Benefits of Sous vide pork recipe?

This sous vide pork recipe is good for health because you are adding ginger-garlic paste that increase you digestion process. Turmeric powder acts as a anti-biotic. By using this sous vide your food protein cannot be loosed. Thus I hope you try this recipe and you will enjoy the deliciousness of this food.