I can feel you mouth watering when you hear the word “ Smoked Brisket” . The holy grail of barbecue is the smoked brisket.  Its very hard to make a perfect Brisket , but Sous Vide has made now this a very easy process.


I am going to show you how to make a smoked brisket recipe in a perfect way as you get in barbecue. Before we go for the steps of making, let’s know few things on cooking this sous vide smoked brisket.

I said you it is hard to cook a perfect brisket recipe. It disappoints you most of the time. Have you ever thought what makes it so hard?

Traditional smoking methods will tenderize your pork shoulder within few hours. So it needs to be cooked over night for the complete tenderization. As its lean and tough you will find difficulties in tendering your pork shoulders.

Focus on temperature and Timing

Temperature and timing is the important factors while cooking this smoked brisket recipe. You have to set the temperature to your water bath and how much time you are cooking means. If you do it perfectly the result is the completely cooked and a mouth watering textured smoked brisket.

At Which temperature you would get the perfect tenderness?

If you need your brisket to look and taste like traditional barbecued brisket just 135 degree fahrenheit is not enough. At this point it will soften the structure and after a period of 12 hours it will remain still as a tough. After 24 hours you can feel the tender of the pork as a york strip steak. Little more tenderness is achieved at 36 hours and by 72 hours you will have a soft brisket that can be cut with a spoon or knife.

At 145 degree fahrenheit , the meat starts to separate into a traditional grain. This will be the perfect tendering process.

It would be good if your temperature is at 155 degree fahrenheit and between the time interval of 24 to 36 hours, you will be getting a traditional texture and this is also a recommended for the complete sous vide smoked brisket recipe.

Which distinct cut of meat you should choose?

There are two different cut of meat, they are point cut and the flat cut.

Point Cut: Its a triangular hunk of meat that is on the top. This is one of the intramuscular fat that adds tastes to the recipe

Flat Cut: It looks like a flank steak that is large, thin and it contains few amount of marbling and few good fat.

It’s better to choose flat cut for home purpose. The reason is we do not get point cut, its mostly sold to restaurant, but don’t panic, with this flat cut, we will blend out the perfect smoked brisket recipe.

Which rub is best to choose from?

Salt and pepper is the fine for the traditional smoked brisket recipe. Here we can stick to classic. You can choose any type of grinders for the coarse grind.

Why it’s good to inject a salty brine?

If your brisket get dried then you will not get the tenderness while cooking, in order to avoid the dryness, it’s important of injecting a salty brine to your brisket. Sous vide doesn’t make your brisket to dry out, but for the food to come perfectly this process can be done.

How to get a perfect smoke flavour?

There are two methods through which you can get a perfect smoke flavour namely liquid and live smoke.

Liquid Smoke

This is used mostly during the indoor while making sous vide pork ribs. If you add a small quantity of liquid smoke to the bag while cooking will produce a mild smokiness that will spread through the whole flavour for an outdoor cooking. This would be damn perfect if it’s completed in the  oven inside itself.

There is a product named smoked salt, when you rub this product to the beef will bring out a smoky flavour without any smoking in the cooking process.

Live Smoke

Having a kettle grill or smoker will help in making with your brisket. There will be a cooler side on your kettle grill which can be heated for an temperature with the charcoal. This will help in getting the smoky flavour and make your beef a crispy one.

That’s all you have to take ahead of when starting to prepare the sous vide smoked brisket recipe.

Step By Step Process for a Transcendent Sous Vide Smoked Brisket Recipe

Catch up the following step by step process by scrolling down and follow it carefully for the perfect cooking of your smoked brisket.

Crush Pepper

Take a half cup of whole black peppercorns using any blenders, grinder or a food processor. You should not grind it half so that you should see the peppercorns around the brisket while seasoning it.

Season it

Now apply this ground peppercorns with salt and apply it over evenly on your brisket. If you prefer pink salt for the taste then one tablespoon would be enough.

Cut into pieces

Now you can cut the brisket into half or pieces because you need to place over a single vacuum bag which would be very large for your brisket to fit fully.

Seal it

If you have cut into halves, place the pieces in the two vacuum sealer bags. Be careful while sealing it, the juice of the brisket not to roll over the edge of the sealed bag. This will weaken the seal and you may experience bad cooking of your brisket. If you are adopting to smoking process you can add a half teaspoon of liquid smoke to the those vacuum sealed bags. You don’t want to worry about the smoke it will spread evenly for the cooking process, now you can seal the bag.

Temperature Setup

If you need to experience the brisket to be in steak like texture you can set the temperature to 135 degree fahrenheit. If you need traditional and tender brisket set it to 155 degree fahrenheit.

You can cover the top of the container with some plastic wrap. This will help in preventing the excess evaporation out. After cooking your beef, you can make it to cool down for a week in refrigerator. If you need to have it immediately follow these steps.

Take the brisket out and place over the paper towels for the moisture to evaporate. If you have more juice in the brisket you can add to the barbecue sauce. Now once again rub your brisket with salt and pepper.

Final Light Up

Now you have to show up your brisket to the live fire at a temperature of 300 degree fahrenheit. Now it starts smoldering. You should be very careful that the brisket is not shown in the direct heat, if you do that then your brisket will get smoked easily. Keep cooking until it reaches a deep and dark flavour around the brisket , it may take around three hours.

After you rest the brisket for few minutes, now you can cut your brisket into pieces and serve.

Wrapping up!

Now the Transcendent Sous Vide Smoked Brisket Recipe is ready !

Tempting right? I know you will definitely will try this immediately now. If you have doubts or queries regarding the cooking of Sous Vide Smoked Brisket Recipe you can feel free to ask at any time through the comment section below.