Sous vide cooking method is one of the best way to bring the perfect cooking consistency, texture and taste for preparing the steak with its actual color. For sous vide steak cooking, you need to cook the vacuum sealed of sous vide steak food items at an extreme even heating temperature of 134 degree F.


Recipe for Sous Vide Steak

Steak is the popular sous viding food items that you can able to cook like a cooking professional even in your own kitchen spacing. For that, you need to cook the steak in a grill or skillet traditional cooking way for about several hours.

In this traditional way of cooking, it may sometimes lead to over cooking or over heating the stuffed food items. Instead of doing so, you can make use of this sous vide cooking method to prevent the big mistakes happens during the steak cooking.

Sous vide steak cooking tends to deliver the perfect cooking consistency with the steaks that usually cooked at a precise heating temperature. Cooking the steak in the grill or some other is somewhat time consuming and irritating.

This sous vide cooking method for preparing the steaks let you to attain your desirable cooking result even through the edges also. Therefore sous vide steak cooking is considered as the gentle cooking process.

If you go through the sous vide for cooking your steaks, the result will be an obvious one. Finest of all, this sous vide cooking method does not damage the muscle fibers of the steak until it cook down.

What are the materials required to prepare the sous vide steak recipe?

For this sous vide steak cooking, you may need several ingredients such as mentioned below:

  1. 12 ounce of steak strip
  2. One teaspoon of vegetable oil
  3. One cup of clam shell mushrooms
  4. One tablespoon of butter
  5. Crushed garlic of one clove
  6. Half tea spoon of balsamic vinegar
  7. Two table spoon of water
  8. One table spoon of cold butter
  9. Pinch of Freshly powdered ground black pepper
  10. Salt to taste

Direction to Cook sous vide steak recipe

If you want to get the perfect sous viding of steak cooking, follow the below mentioned recipe to prepare for your loved ones.

Step 1 – Preheating of Sous vide Cooker

Pre heat your sous vide precision cooker you have in your kitchen space to the required precise temperature. Allow the water to heat up before you add the steak to the sous vide cooker.

Step 2 – Preparing sous vide bag with steaks and necessary ingredients

Take your desirable steak stripe and season the steak with salt and pepper at first and make sure to apply it to all the edges thoroughly. If you wish, add some aromatics such as onion springs and some more. Then distribute it evenly by shaking the sides of the steak within bag.

Step 3 – Sealing the bag

Vacuum seal the bag by using vacuum sealer machine or use some other zipper lock bag. Let the water to remain in the pot under the water press air pressure.

Step 4 – Sous Vide steak cooking

Then leave the vacuum sealed bag over the water path and make sure about the proper sealing.

Step 5 – Take the steak out from the bag

Remove the steak carefully from the bag and then place it on a plate to dry out.

Step 6 – Pre-heat your stainless steel skillet

Apply your favorite vegetable or other edible oils over the stainless steel skillet on the top of the skillet.

Step 7 – Adding Aromatic to the steak

If you wish, add some aromatic ingredients like rosemary sprigs, clam shell mushroom, balsamic vinegar, pepper-salt, sliced shallots or crushes garlic cloves.

Step 8 – Repeated Flipping

After applying the aromatic ingredients for about 30 seconds, flip the steak to the next side for about 30 seconds until it is fully improved with the nice brown color. Add some butter over the flipped steaks for added richness.

Step 9 – Torching process

Next to the flipping method, torch the steak at the first side in a slow manner and then to the next side in the same process to attain the perfect sous vide steak cooking.

Step 10 – Ready to Serve

Get the edges of the steak by rotating the steak in the skillet for about 50 seconds. Continue this process until you get the brown edged steak pieces. If you want to have a steak with the crisp feeling, add some sauce or juice over the sous vide steak reheating on the pan. Now you can transfer the cooked steak to the plated for immediate serving.