Are you crazy on Sous Vide cooking method and looking for some of the best sous vide water oven for you? Here is the Vonshef Premium 8 Liter Sous Water Oven for you.


An Overview of VonShef Premium 8 Liter Sous Vide Water Oven

Vonshef is one of the popular provider of the most important products. They regulate quality and effective products for their customers keeping their satisfaction as the motto. Vonshef is prior for the immersion circulators and water ovens.

The most recommended water oven by most of the users from vonshef is this premium 8 liter sous vide water oven. They have many extraordinary features to look for and every products are known for its effectiveness and reliability. This water oven is one of the essential one to meet up your unique cooking style and the budget.

Some of the unique features of this VonShef Premium 8 Liter Sous Vide Water Oven are here.

Stylish Design: This look stylish but you can save a lot of space, you will be able to cook wide range and different types of food that may be fish, egg, vegetables, steaks, liquors and many.

Flavour: Though you cook your food at high temperature , your flavour of the food will remain unchanged.

Storage: this water oven can bear a capacity of 8 litres and has the capacity to hold 6 vacuum sealed food particles.

Simple and Effective: This premium vonshef sous vide water oven is very simple to use and you will be able to reach the effective result at the end.

Temperature: The programmable time range for this water oven is 0 to 210 degree fahrenheit whereas its 0 to 24 in hours.

Warranty: Vonshef provides 2 years warranty for their customers.

Effectiveness of VonShef Premium 8 Liter Sous Vide Water Oven

The water bath as it holds 8 litres of water is able to cook 6 pouches of food at once. This is considered a huge capacity for home purpose and simple for the special meal.

While you cook different types of food you will need a food grade bags that is of standard size. This will help in even cooking of the food in the water oven. Unlike other products , this vonshefs water oven do not have a vacuum sealer, but the process that is occurring inside the water oven is high.

The LCD display present in this water oven is very clear and there are buttons through which you will be able to set the time and the temperature for cooking your food. Based on your need, you can set the temperature and the time. This can be done in minutes.

This is very compact in size which measures 15X9X10 inches. This is small when compared to other commercial sous vide machines. The black and chrome color adds a beauty to the water oven.

A removable and a transparent  lid is placed here through which you will be able to look how your food being cooked. Also there is a removable rack , you can remove this if you do not have varieties of food to cook. This also prevents from touching the bottom of the oven.

VonShef Premium 8 Liter Sous Vide Water Oven

Special Feature:

Rapid heating of water, High quality cooking results, reliable and stylish.

Key features:

+ 6 Vacuum sealed food pouches,

+ 800 W power.


+ Well Constructed,

+ Easy to use.


+ Water Circulation Problems exist at few spots.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

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The End..

Vonshef Premium 8 Liter Vide Water Oven is for the sous vide users who are expecting to fit into their budget and other needs. This is one of the radiant water oven that is experiencing well in the market when compared to other expensive water ovens.

Start experiencing the flavoured meals at low budget for your home purpose with this VonShef Premium 8 Liter Sous Vide Water Oven.

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